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Project Description
This project is for helping you with the process of converting from CommunityServer to DotNetNuke. Currently it provides SQL Scripts for CS 2.1 to DNN Forum 5.0.0, in the future we might support Blog, Photo and File conversion as well.

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These scripts currently work for CS 2.1 Forums to DNN Forum 5.0, they haven't been tested for earlier or later versions of either product. These scripts don't handle blogs, photo galleries or files managed by CommunityServer.

Assumptions before you begin:
  • You already have a clean install of DotNetNuke running, with Forum 5.0.0 installed.
  • If you want to run this on a production site you already have running on DNN you will likely need to perform more data work than these scripts provide.
  • These scripts assume you are starting with a fresh install of DNN with only a Host and Admin account.
  • If you have an Admin account it will be renamed to Admin2
  • It is also assumed that you are running DotNetNuke with the standard DataBase Owner of dbo, and an empty ObjectQualifier.
  • You have access to the MachineKeys in the CommunityServer web.config, you will put these in the DNN web.config in order to use the CommunityServer passwords in DNN.
  • Any users already in your DotNetNuke database will have their passwords changed to clear text and a default of "dnnpassword"

BACKUP EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU START. You are responsible for any troubles you run into, not me :)

For instructions please visit the Documentation page.

You should also check out this blog post documenting the conversion process

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